About C12


A National Christian Business Network
The C12 Group is a national Christian business network of local 10-15-member groups. Each group is comprised of Christian Business Owners and CEOs. These men and women are committed to applying Biblical principles to their plans and operations using C12’s proprietary curriculum and the facilitation of a professional chair. All C12 Chairs are full-time and operate for-profit enterprises engaging the same best-in-class principles they encourage for each of their members. This allows them to focus on the needs of their groups, thereby delivering greater value for the member companies.

The Wisdom of Lifelong Learning
Regardless of your current situation, “continual learning” is the hallmark of a business leader that is serious about improvement. Imagine the advantages of regularly engaging:


A Platform for Growth
Since 1992, the C12 Group has helped hundreds of Christian Business Owners and CEOs take their firms to the next level by focusing on the timeless truths of Scripture. Make no mistake, this isn’t another Bible study or prayer group. The C12 approach is all about growing thriving, profitable businesses.

What’s in a Name?

“C12” is derived from Christ’s discipleship model…the twelve disciples. This number of participants enables members to get to know one another on a personal level, fostering an atmosphere of authenticity and transparency achieved over time.

Thinking it Over
What is the value of: